The Ovee labs Ideology Push

This single word summarizes our attitude toward pretty much everything.

We push ourselves. We push technology. And we push the boundaries of conventional thinking. Our goal is to create pioneering web and mobile solutions that are profitable for every client.

The Rise of Ovee labs Technologies

The story began when Mustafa Liaqat and Owais Safdar met in 2019 and the two began their early talks, which would soon lead to the birth of Ovee labs technologies. They started out working as freelance developers and within a year they were working on projects from across the globe and realised they needed to add more members to their team. And also, that new team would need a name and so Ovee labs started its journey in 2019 as a full web and mobile app development agency.

Today we are a team of (number) Ovee labs and besides our three founding partners, Muhammad Asif joined our team in the year 2019 as a CTO.

Mustafa Liaqat
Owais Safdar
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Muhammad Asif
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

We try to endorse a healthy mind, body and soul philosophy

Every Ovee labs helps to make the idea a reality. Working together, sharing knowledge, solving problems, exchanging experiences; we enjoy team activities, workshops and events, indoors and outdoors, being active, being lazy, learning something new and always having fun.

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Live the Mission. Join the Team

Our mission is to create personal transformation that raises human consciousness.

If this sounds like something that can inspire you day after day, then we would love to hear from you. Interested in changing the world with us?

Let’s get started.

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